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Whole-body MRI at high field: technical limits and clinical potential   总被引:12,自引:12,他引:3  
This review seeks to clarify the most important implications of higher magnetic field strength for clinical examinations of the whole body. An overview is provided on the resulting advantages and disadvantages for anatomical, functional and biochemical magnetic resonance examinations in different regions of the body. It is demonstrated that susceptibility-dependent imaging, chemical shift selective (e.g., fat-suppressed) imaging, and spectroscopic techniques clearly gain from higher field strength. Problems due to shorter wavelength and higher radio frequency energy deposition at higher field strength are reported, especially in examinations of the body trunk. Thorax examinations provided sufficient homogeneity of the radio frequency field for common examination techniques in most cases, whereas abdominal and pelvic imaging was often hampered by undesired dielectric effects. Currently available and potential future strategies to overcome related limitations are discussed. Whole-body MRI at higher field strength currently leads to clearly improved image quality using a variety of established sequence types and for examination of many body regions. But some major problems at higher field strength have to be solved before high-field magnetic resonance systems can really replace the well-established and technically developed magnetic resonance systems operating at 1.5 T for each clinical application.  相似文献
Introduction Our purpose was to determine the potential of metabolites other than alanine to diagnose intracranial meningiomas on proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS). Methods Using a 1.5-T MR system the lesions were initially identified on FLAIR, and T1- and T2-weighted images. Employing standard point-resolved spectroscopy (PRESS) for single voxel proton MRS (TR 1500 ms, TE 30 ms, 128 acquisitions, voxel size 2 × 2 × 2 cm, acquisition time 3.12 min), MR spectra were obtained from 5 patients with meningiomas, from 20 with other intracranial lesions, and from 4 normal controls. Peak heights of nine resonances, including lipid, lactate, alanine, NAA (N-acetylaspartate), β/γ-Glx (glutamate + glutamine), creatine, choline, myo-inositol, and α-Glx/glutathione, were measured in all spectra. The relative quantity of each metabolite was measured as the ratio of its peak height to the peak height of creatine. Results Relative quantities of α-Glx/glutathione, β/γ-Glx, and total Glx/glutathione were significantly elevated in meningiomas compared to the 20 other intracranial lesions and the normal control brains. Alanine was found in four of five meningiomas, but lactate partially masked the alanine in three meningiomas. None of the other lesions or control brains showed an alanine peak. The one meningioma with no alanine and the three others with lactate had elevated Glx. Conclusion While alanine is a relatively unique marker for meningioma, our results support the hypothesis that the combination of glutamate/creatine ratios and alanine on proton MRS is more specific and reliable for the diagnosis of meningiomas than alanine alone.  相似文献
多体素1H-MRS对脑胶质瘤、转移瘤及脑脓肿的鉴别诊断研究   总被引:7,自引:0,他引:7  
目的 探讨多体素氢质子磁共振波谱(^1H-MRS)在脑胶质瘤、单发转移瘤、体积较大脑脓肿鉴别诊断中的应用价值及胶质瘤瘤体周围的微观结构的改变。资料与方法 搜集脑胶质瘤26例、单发转移瘤9例、大体积脑脓肿4例,均行^1H-MRS检查。比较脑胶质瘤与单发转移瘤瘤体及瘤周胆碱(Cho)/N-乙酰天门冬氨酸(NAA)、Cho/肌酐类物质(Cr)、NAA/Cr值的差别,并做统计学分析;用HE染色、免疫组织化学、电镜检查等重点观察胶质瘤瘤周微观结构改变。结果 各个级别的胶质瘤与单发转移瘤瘤体之间Cho/NAA值分别为3.14±1.61和2.46±0.83,Cho/Cr值分别为2.57±0.93和2.90±1.93、NAA/Cr值分别为0.96±0.53和1.21±0.80,差异均无明显统计学意义(P值均〉0.05);而瘤周之间的上述比值为1.74±0.98和0.98±0.23,1.72±0.51和1.09±±0.30和1.11±0.25,除NAA/Cr外均有明显统计学意义(P值〈0.05)。脑脓肿内部出现特征性波谱,扩散加权成像(DWI)上脓腔显示为高信号。胶质瘤瘤周在光镜及电镜下发现已有瘤细胞浸润。结论 使用多体素^1H-MRS结合常规MRI可鉴别胶质瘤、单发转移瘤、不典型脑脓肿,胶质瘤的瘤细胞可以通过毛细血管转移浸润至瘤周。  相似文献
颞叶癫痫定位诊断的磁共振波谱研究   总被引:6,自引:0,他引:6       下载免费PDF全文
目的:探讨氢质子磁共振波谱(1H-MRS)对颞叶癫痫(TLE)定位诊断的应用价值.方法:选择15例经手术和病理证实的TLE患者和15例性别、年龄与之相匹配的健康志愿者为研究对象,分别作双侧颞叶内侧的1H-MRS,并对双侧海马区域进行精确定位,通过计算峰下面积,对代谢产物氮-乙酰天门冬氨酸(NAA)、肌酸(Cr)及胆碱复合物(Cho)的浓度进行相对定量分析.结果:采用Kappa检验,两位医师对海马硬化诊断的一致性K值=0.80(P<0.05),表明一致性很好,MRI可对10例患者作出术前定位.MRS示TLE患侧组NAA/(Cho Cr)为0.37±0.07,对照组和TLE对侧组则分别为0.65±0.07和0.62±0.18,差异有显著性意义(F值为23.170,P<0.05);MRS定位准确12例,另3例为阴性,结合MRI可对13例准确定位.结论:1H-MRS能敏感地探测到神经元的异常改变,为颞叶癫痫的术前定位提供了一种新的检查方法,其与MRI相结合可提高术前定位的准确率.  相似文献
质子磁共振波谱对线粒体脑肌病的诊断作用   总被引:6,自引:0,他引:6  
目的 探讨质子磁共振波谱在线粒体脑肌病中的特点及其诊断价值.方法 对2例临床诊断为线粒体脑肌病的患者行常规磁共振及质子磁共振波谱检查,分析其谱线特点.结果 2例患者行质子磁共振波谱检查均有明显的乳酸峰出现,1例在常规磁共振成像上显示正常的区域也有小的乳酸峰.结论 质子磁共振波谱可以早期反映线粒体脑肌病的异常代谢,有助于提高诊断的准确性.  相似文献
Proton MR spectroscopy of the prostate   总被引:5,自引:0,他引:5  
PURPOSE: To summarize current technical and biochemical aspects and clinical applications of proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) of the human prostate in vivo. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Pertinent radiological and biochemical literature was searched and retrieved via electronic media (medline, pubmed. Basic concepts of MRS of the prostate and its clinical applications were extracted. RESULTS: Clinical MRS is usually based on point resolved spectroscopy (PRESS) or spin echo (SE) sequences, along with outer volume suppression of signals from outside of the prostate. MRS of the prostate detects indicator lines of citrate, choline, and creatine. While healthy prostate tissue demonstrates high levels of citrate and low levels of choline that marks cell wall turnover, prostate cancer utilizes citrate for energy metabolism and shows high levels of choline. The ratio of (choline+creatine)/citrate distinguishes between healthy tissue and prostate cancer. Particularly when combined with magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, three-dimensional MRS imaging (3D-CSI, or 3D-MRSI) detects and localizes prostate cancer in the entire prostate with high sensitivity and specificity. Combined MR imaging and 3D-MRSI exceed the sensitivity and specificity of sextant biopsy of the prostate. When MRS and MR imaging agree on prostate cancer presence, the positive predictive value is about 80-90%. Distinction between healthy tissue and prostate cancer principally is maintained after various therapeutic treatments, including hormone ablation therapy, radiation therapy, and cryotherapy of the prostate. CONCLUSIONS: Since it is non-invasive, reliable, radiation-free, and essentially repeatable, combined MR imaging and 3D-MRSI of the prostate lends itself to the planning of biopsy and therapy, and to post-therapeutic follow-up. For broad clinical acceptance, it will be necessary to facilitate MRS examinations and their evaluation and make MRS available to a wider range of institutions.  相似文献
磁共振波谱成像对颅脑肿瘤的鉴别诊断价值   总被引:5,自引:1,他引:4       下载免费PDF全文
目的:分析脑肿瘤的氢质子磁共振波谱成像(1H-MRSI)改变,评价1H-MRSI对颅内常见肿瘤的诊断和鉴别诊断价值.方法:本组共42例颅内肿瘤患者行1H-MRSI检查,其中胶质瘤17例、脑膜瘤14例、脑转移瘤11例.测量比较3种肿瘤的实质强化区、周围水肿区和对侧正常脑组织的代谢物浓度(包括N-乙酰天门冬氨酸、肌酸和胆碱)并进行分析比较.结果:常规MRI检查T1WI上肿瘤多为等、低信号,T2WI上呈不均匀高信号,伴有不同程度强化和周围水肿.脑肿瘤的主要MRS袁现为NAA/Cho、NAA/Cr下降,Cho/Cr升高;3纽肿瘤周围水肿区的NAA/Cho分别为1.0167±0.314,1.4250±0.326和2.2900±1.186,组间比较差异均有显著性意义(P<0.05);其它代谢物指标(NAA/Cr和Cho/Cr)在3种肿瘤间的差异无显著性意义(P>0.05).3组肿瘤实质强化区各代谢物比值间差异无显著性意义(P>0.05).结论:1H-MRSI可无创地分析脑肿瘤的代谢状况,对脑肿瘤的诊断、鉴别诊断均有很大的价值.  相似文献
高级别胶质瘤和转移瘤的磁共振波谱及灌注成像研究   总被引:5,自引:0,他引:5  
目的通过磁共振波谱(MRS)及灌注成像(PI)研究肿瘤强化区域、肿瘤周围区域的细胞代谢和血管分布特点,探讨MRS及PI对高级别胶质瘤和转移瘤的鉴别诊断价值。资料与方法23例颅内肿瘤患者,包括高级别胶质瘤(Ⅲ~Ⅳ级)13例,转移瘤10例,行常规MRI、PI和单体素MRS检查。MRS检查主要观察的代谢物有:氮-乙酰天门冬氨酸(NAA),胆碱(Cho),肌酸(Cr/PCr),计算NAA/Cr,Cho/Cr,NAA/Cho比值。PI观察指标为相对脑血容量(rCBV)。采用SPSS10.0软件进行统计学分析。结果MRS提示高级别胶质瘤和转移瘤肿瘤强化区域均出现NAA/Cr与NAA/Cho降低,Cho/Cr升高;两种肿瘤强化区域各项比值之间的比较差异均无统计学意义(P>0.05);高级别胶质瘤肿瘤周围组织亦出现NAA/Cr与NAA/Cho降低,Cho/Cr升高,与转移瘤肿瘤周围组织相比差异均有统计学意义(P<0.05)。高级别胶质瘤和转移瘤肿瘤强化区域的rCBV值分别为4.05±2.04,3.84±2.44,两者之间差异无统计学意义(P>0.05),肿瘤周围组织的rCBV值分别为1.31±0.14,0.56±0.22,两者之间差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论结合肿瘤强化区域与肿瘤周围区域的MRS和PI,有助于提高对高级别胶质瘤和转移瘤的鉴别能力。  相似文献
We investigated neurochemical abnormalities in the normal-appearing white matter (NAWM) on MRI of patients with optic neuritis (ON) and compared them to those of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). Patients with ON (42) were classified into three groups according to abnormalities on brain MRI. Patients with MS (55) were devided in two groups: relapsing remitting MS (RRMS) and secondary progressive MS (SPMS). All patients underwent MRI of the brain and localised proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) of NAWM. The results were compared to those of 15 controls. Patients with MS had significant abnormalities compared with controls and with patients with ON. Patients with RRMS and those with ON had comparable MRS parameters, while patients with SPMS had significant spectroscopic abnormalities in comparison with controls, but also with patients with RRMS. These changes consisted of a decrease in N -acetylaspartate, a neuronal marker, which may reflect axonal dysfunction and/or loss. MRS abnormalities were detected in 14 patients with ON (27 %). The main abnormalities consisted of a decrease in N -acetylaspartate, an increase in choline-containing compounds at long echo times, and the presence of free lipid peaks at short echo times. MRS of the NAWM on MRI may prove useful for detecting neurochemical brain abnormalities in ON not visible on MRI. Received: 19 January 1999 Accepted: 23 March 1999  相似文献
线粒体脑肌的MRI表现特征及其诊断价值   总被引:4,自引:0,他引:4  
目的:总结线粒体脑肌病的MRI表现特征并分析磁共振在线粒体脑肌病诊断中的价值。方法:搜集2005年1月~2007年7月经临床及病理证实的线粒体脑肌病患者资料21例,男5例,女16例。所有病例均行常规MRI检查(平扫加增强扫描),7例患者行磁共振波谱检查。结果:21例中有17例患者脑内病灶均表现为T1WI低信号、T2WI高信号,病变主要累及颞、顶、枕叶皮层、及深部灰质核团(以基底节多见),部分患者伴有不同程度的脑萎缩,病灶对称或不对称,且具有多发性,迁移性和与血管分布区不一致性;4例患者头部常规扫描仅见轻度脑萎缩。FLAIR及DWI序列能更清楚和准确显示较隐匿的病灶,7例磁共振波谱检查表现为病变区、无信号异常的脑区和/或脑室系统均可见较特征性的乳酸峰。结论:线粒体脑肌病的MRI表现有一定的特征性,磁共振成像(包括DWI、FLAIR、MRS)在线粒体脑肌病的诊断、鉴别诊断以及对该病代谢物改变的检测方面均具有重要的价值。  相似文献
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