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This paper presents a method for the diagnosis of active systems, these being a class of distributed asynchronous discrete-event systems, such as digital networks, communication networks, and power transmission protection systems. Formally, an active system is viewed as a network of communicating automata, where each automaton describes the behavior of a system component. The diagnostic method encompasses four steps, namely system modeling, reconstruction planning, behavior reconstruction, and diagnosis generation. System modeling formally defines the structure and behavior of system components, as well as the topology of the active system. Based on optimization criteria, reconstruction planning breaks down the problem of system behavior reconstruction into a hierarchical decomposition. Behavior reconstruction yields an intensional representation of all the dynamic behaviors that are consistent with the available system observation. Eventually, diagnosis generation extracts diagnostic information from the reconstructed behaviors. The diagnostic method is applied to a case study in the power transmission network domain. Unlike other proposals, our approach both deals with asynchronous events and does not require any global diagnoser to be built off-line. The method, which is substantiated by an ongoing implementation, is scalable, incremental, and amenable to parallelism, so that real size problems can be handled.  相似文献   
铜包铝线在市内通信电缆中的应用   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2  
论述了铜包铝线替代纯铜线,在市内通信电缆中的应用。文中介绍了铜包铝线的生产工艺及要点,以及应用于市内通信电缆中应注意的若干问题。以直径φ0.5 mm铜包铝线替代φ0.4 mm纯铜线为例,介绍产品的性能指标完全符合市内通信电缆产品标准,以及在数字宽带传输网络中实际应用和试验情况。  相似文献   
铜包铝芯市内通信电缆的设计与制造   总被引:3,自引:0,他引:3  
介绍了铜包铝线的主要性能、用铜包铝线替代纯铜线生产市内通信电缆的可能性,以及铜包铝芯市内通信电缆的电气性能,指出在目前铜价持续飞涨的情况下,铜包铝芯市内通信电缆有着良好的市场前景。  相似文献   
CTS-UE市内通信电缆测试仪是根据我国通信行业标准YD/T 322-1996,YD/T 837.1~YD/T 837.2-1996以及国际标准IEC 60708-2005,对市内通信电缆的电气性能参数进行自动测试的高精度专用测试设备。本文详细介绍了它的测试原理、硬件设计及软件设计,并通过与标准件及国外同类测试仪器的比对实验验证了测试数据的准确性。  相似文献   
肖飚 《电线电缆》2003,(4):20-23
介绍了宽带市话电缆的主要电气指标;侧重描述了该电缆的制造技术的关键;保证绝缘线芯均匀一致,选择极短的对绞节距和采用层绞式单元/缆芯结构。并指出利用单模拉丝机,可以解决非连拉连韧挤塑串联生产线在挤制绝缘线芯时的导体尺寸精度难以控制的问题。  相似文献   
在简述微区蜂窝网个人通信系统的近况后,提出市内通信网固定用户线采用无线方式,进而说明无线用户线的功能结构、无线用户线与公用网连接运用,以及无线用户线提供的业务。  相似文献   
针对多Sink动态无线传感器网络,提出一种主动式分层定位方法,采用事件驱动的主动式分层定位,不但能减少传感器节点的定位开销、延长网络的寿命,而且能够适应节点动态移动的场景。  相似文献   
Defining the meaning of a specific place is difficult. Blairgowrie is a peaceful and naturally protected beach haven on the Nepean Peninsula on the tip of the Mornington Peninsula, in Victoria, Australia. When a major development is perceived as threatening the quality of place, it is perhaps already too late to begin to name its characteristics or particular attributes. The evocative and poetic qualities of Blairgowrie do not reveal themselves immediately. Only over a period of time, and by visiting at various times of the day in all seasons, can one begin to fathom its moods, its soul, its many colours; and to touch its memories. Here sea and sky can meet, or divide, totally unobstructed, depending on climatic conditions, seasonal weather patterns and diurnal changes. It is still possible to get a sense of scale and wide-angle limitless vision. When a Safe Boat Harbour was proposed for Blairgowrie, residents came out in force to voice their objections or their support. A tribunal hearing was put in place. In light of the dismissal of qualitative data, of reflective experiential material, of community opinion, of values of the 'other' in planning tribunal hearings, this paper attempts to build a case for putting into words 'the meaning of place'. The Safe Boat Harbour proposal was the catalyst for this exploration of 'meaning of place', and is not itself primarily the subject of this paper. This very personal paper begins to examine the meaning of this place. Through images, perceptions, and representations; through time; history, topography; flora and fauna: it attempts to find a way of coming to terms with this extraordinary land/seascape. In the long term this project aims to produce relevant, authoritative, and defensible research that provides the context and rationale for the selection and assessment of places of outstanding heritage significance. Further, it will provide a case study in support of new planning regulations for 'place' zones (Mant, 2001) rather than the generic land use zones, which are current in Victoria.  相似文献   
目前,电力用户用电信息采集终端的功能检测主要采用人工插接RS-232端口,建立检测装置与终端本地通信的方式为主,虽然该方式成熟可靠,但存在检测效率低下和难以实现自动化操作等问题.因此,本文提出扩展采集终端RS-485抄表辅助端子功能,用以实现RS-485抄表口为采集终端本地通信口,开启RS-485辅助端子本地通信和参数设置功能的方案.该项研究巧妙解决了目前制约采集终端通信硬件端口自动化接驳和同时实现本地通信的技术瓶颈,因此,具有重要的突破性意义,也为推动实现采集终端的自动化检测系统定型和推广应用提供了可靠的解决方案.  相似文献   
文章通过对用电信息采集系统业务需求、系统业务架构及系统业务流程进行分析,明确了通信信道层在用电信息系统中的重要作用,介绍了集中器到用电信息系统平台的远程通信技术及采集器到集中器的本地通信技术,并对远程通信技术和本地通信技术分别进行了分析比较,即明确各种通信技术的优缺点后可因地制宜地选择合适的通信方案,可为用电信息通信系统建设提供参考。  相似文献   
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