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This study investigates the problem of estimating camera calibration parameters from image motion fields induced by a rigidly moving camera with unknown parameters, where the image formation is modeled with a linear pinhole-camera model. The equations obtained show the flow to be separated into a component due to the translation and the calibration parameters and a component due to the rotation and the calibration parameters. A set of parameters encoding the latter component is linearly related to the flow, and from these parameters the calibration can be determined.However, as for discrete motion, in general it is not possible to decouple image measurements obtained from only two frames into translational and rotational components. Geometrically, the ambiguity takes the form of a part of the rotational component being parallel to the translational component, and thus the scene can be reconstructed only up to a projective transformation. In general, for full calibration at least four successive image frames are necessary, with the 3D rotation changing between the measurements.The geometric analysis gives rise to a direct self-calibration method that avoids computation of optical flow or point correspondences and uses only normal flow measurements. New constraints on the smoothness of the surfaces in view are formulated to relate structure and motion directly to image derivatives, and on the basis of these constraints the transformation of the viewing geometry between consecutive images is estimated. The calibration parameters are then estimated from the rotational components of several flow fields. As the proposed technique neither requires a special set up nor needs exact correspondence it is potentially useful for the calibration of active vision systems which have to acquire knowledge about their intrinsic parameters while they perform other tasks, or as a tool for analyzing image sequences in large video databases.  相似文献   
In this paper we propose an accurate and robust image mosaicing method of soccer video taken from a rotating and zooming camera using line tracking and self-calibration. The mosaicing of soccer videos is not easy, because their playing fields are low textured and moving players are included in the fields. Our approach is to track line features on the playing fields. The line features are detected and tracked using a self-calibration technique for a rotating and zooming camera. To track line features efficiently, we propose a new line tracking algorithm, called camera parameter guided line tracking, which works even when the camera motion undergoes sudden changes. Since we do not need to know any model for scenes beforehand, the proposed algorithm can be easily extended to other video sources, as well as other sports videos. Experimental results show the accuracy and robustness of the algorithm. An application of mosaicing is also presented.  相似文献   
一种考虑二阶径向畸变的主动视觉自标定算法   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
基于主动视觉的摄像机自标定是摄像机标定的一个重要分支 ,由于普通的 CCD摄像机拍摄的像片存在着各种类型的几何畸变 ,其中以径向畸变最为严重 ,因此研究考虑径向畸变的自标定技术有着重要的意义 .为了使标定结果更精确 ,提出了一种考虑二阶径向畸变的内参数自标定方法 ,并通过推导考虑二阶径向畸变的极线几何约束 ,得出了如果能控制摄像机做 4次不在同一平面上的平移运动 ,则可以标定摄像机的内参数和二阶径向畸变系数的结论 .仿真实验结果表明 ,该算法精度很高 ,且具有一定的鲁棒性 ,可用于摄像机的标定 .  相似文献   
The necessary and sufficient conditions for being able to estimate scene structure, motion and camera calibration from a sequence of images are very rarely satisfied in practice. What exactly can be estimated in sequences of practical importance, when such conditions are not satisfied? In this paper we give a complete answer to this question. For every camera motion that fails to meet the conditions, we give explicit formulas for the ambiguities in the reconstructed scene, motion and calibration. Such a characterization is crucial both for designing robust estimation algorithms (that do not try to recover parameters that cannot be recovered), and for generating novel views of the scene by controlling the vantage point. To this end, we characterize explicitly all the vantage points that give rise to a valid Euclidean reprojection regardless of the ambiguity in the reconstruction. We also characterize vantage points that generate views that are altogether invariant to the ambiguity. All the results are presented using simple notation that involves no tensors nor complex projective geometry, and should be accessible with basic background in linear algebra.  相似文献   
基于条件数的摄像机自标定方法的鲁棒性分析   总被引:2,自引:1,他引:1       下载免费PDF全文
对基于绝对二次曲线和基于绝对二次曲面的两类摄像机自标定方法的鲁棒性进行了分析,并从矩阵条件数出发,通过大量仿真实验对两类方法进行了定量比较.实验结果表明, 基于绝对二次曲线的摄像机自标定方法的系数矩阵的条件数一般小于基于绝对二次曲面方法的系数矩阵的条件数.另外,当常数因子有误差时,基于绝对二次曲面方法的系数矩阵条件数的变化一般比基于绝对二次曲线方法系数矩阵条件数的变化更剧烈.上述二点表明,基于绝对二次曲线的自标定方法的鲁棒性一般要优于基于绝对二次曲面的自标定方法.上述结论与文献中的一些实验观察正好相佐.  相似文献   
线性确定无穷远平面的单应矩阵和摄象机自标定   总被引:9,自引:0,他引:9       下载免费PDF全文
引入了一种新的对无穷远平面的单应性矩阵(The infinite homography)的约束方程并 据此提出了一种新的摄象机线性自标定算法.与文献中已有的方法相比,该方法对摄象机的运 动要求不苛刻(如不要求摄象机的运动为正交运动),只须摄象机作一次平移运动和两次任意刚 体运动,就可线性唯一确定内参数.该方法主要优点在于:在确定无穷远平面的单应性矩阵的过 程中,不需要射影重构,也不需要有限远平面信息,唯一所需要的信息是图象极点,从而简化了 文献中现有的算法.另外同时给出了由极点确定(运动组)关于无穷远平面单应性矩阵的充分必 要条件.模拟实验和实际图象实验验证了该方法的正确性和可行性.  相似文献   
基于二次曲线的纯旋转摄像机自标定   总被引:8,自引:0,他引:8       下载免费PDF全文
研究探讨了一种基于平面二次曲线的纯旋转摄像机自标定方法.在不同的方位拍摄 三幅或三幅以上图像,每幅图像至少包含两个空间平面二次曲线、或两个二次曲面、或一个平 面二次曲线与一个二次曲面的投影,利用图像之间的二次曲线对应关系,可以确定摄像机的 内参数矩阵,同时可以获得摄像机不同方位之间的旋转矩阵.由于使用的定标基元为二次曲 线,是较点和直线包含更多信息的基元,因而基元之间的匹配容易自动实现,并有助于提高标 定算法的鲁棒性和在线实时性.模拟实验和真实图像实验表明文中所介绍的方法是可行的.  相似文献   
机器人控制器的现状及展望   总被引:15,自引:0,他引:15  
机器人控制器是影响机器人性能的关键部分之一,它 从一定程度上影响着机器人的发展.本文介绍了目前机器人控制器的现状,分析了它们各自 的优点和不足,探讨了机器人控制器的发展方向和要着重解决的问题.  相似文献   
机器视觉中针孔模型摄像机的自标定方法   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
强调了摄像机自标定在机器视觉中的作用,介绍了目前几种主要的摄像机自标定方法,指出了这几种方法的主要特点及应用领域,论述了摄像机自标定方法的发展趋势。  相似文献   
机器人视觉系统的自标定新算法   总被引:7,自引:1,他引:6  
基于平面模板摄像机自标定的新算法,利用正六边形的特性,给出了一种精确求解其外接圆圆心的巧妙方法.基于这种算法,又提出了一种完全基于欧氏空间一般定理的实用算法.在平面模板上需三个半径已知的圆,摄像机只需作两次运动参数未知的刚体运动,即可确定摄像机的内部参数.本算法对摄像机的运动没有约束,且平面模板易于制作.仿真试验和真实图像试验的结果表明,此算法的标定精度足可与通常的平面模板标定算法相比,且用到的图像幅数更少.  相似文献   
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