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A Graph-based Ant System and its convergence   总被引:73,自引:0,他引:73  
A general framework for solving combinatorial optimization problems heuristically by the Ant System approach is developed. The framework is based on the concept of a construction graph, a graph assigned to an instance of the optimization problem under consideration, encoding feasible solutions by walks. It is shown that under certain conditions, the solutions generated in each iteration of this Graph-based Ant System converge with a probability that can be made arbitrarily close to 1 to the optimal solution of the given problem instance.  相似文献   
蛋白质折叠问题就是从氨基酸序列中预测蛋白质的构象,该问题是生物信息学的一个突出问题。主要研究二维 HP 格点模型,它是用于模拟蛋白质折叠问题的一个具有代表性的简化模型,并且将蚁群算法用于求解该二维 HP 蛋白质的折叠问题。此外,在局部搜索机制中引入一种改进的牵引移动方法,这是一个提高蛋白质构象的有效方法。实验结果表明,针对较长的氨基酸序列,改进的带牵引移动的蚁群算法(ACO +)比 ACO 能够获得更低能量的构象,证明了所提出的改进蚁群算法是预测蛋白质结构的有效方法。  相似文献   
现有图像降维方法中特征信息被过多压缩,从而影响图像分类效果。提出IC-ACO算法,利用蚁群算法来解决图像分类问题。算法充分提取并保留图像的各种形态特征。利用蚁群优化算法在特征集中自动挖掘有效特征和特征值,构建各类分类规则,从而实现图像的分类识别。在真实的车标图像数据集上的实验结果表明,IC-ACO算法比其他类似算法具有更高的分类识别率。  相似文献   
提出一种建立城市应急漫游系统的虚拟现实技术解决方案。重点研究在3DMax中利用粒子系统和蚁群算法实现漫游场景中突发公共事件和人群疏散的模拟方法;提出一种基于节点分散度和伪随机比率路径选择规则,建立自适应蚁群算法模拟突发公共事件时人群疏散行为模型,给出在人群疏散行为模型中用到的节点分散度和伪随机比率的计算方法。  相似文献   
针对传统的蚁群边缘检测算法耗时长的问题,提出基于邻域中节点梯度计算启发式信息值的方法。该方法能够更快更好地引导蚂蚁向边缘节点进行移动,减少耗时。同时,还引入模糊C均值算法,用以确定蚁群算法中信息素阈值,使其更加准确合理,更精确地判断边缘节点。实验表明,该改进算法能够减少耗时,有效地抑制噪声,并能更加有效、精确地检测出图像的边缘。  相似文献   
提出一种求解柔性作业车间成组调度FGJSS(flexible grouped job-shop scheduling)问题的蚁群粒子群求解算法。算法采用主从递阶形式,主级为蚁群优化算法,选择零件加工设备;从级为粒子群优化算法,在主级零件加工设备约束下优化设备作业排序以实现流通时间最小的目标。算法中,以工序加工时间和设备承载的作业族数为启发式信息设计蚂蚁在工序可用设备间转移概率;以粒子向量优先权值和作业族号为依据设计解码方法实现设备上的成组作业排序。最后,通过仿真实验,验证了该算法的有效性。  相似文献   
Around 1.8 million people in the UK have type 2 diabetes, representing about 90% of all diabetes cases in the UK. Genome wide association studies have recently implicated several new genes that are likely to be associated with this disease. However, common genetic variants so far identified only explain a small proportion of the heritability of type 2 diabetes. The interaction of two or more gene variants, may explain a further element of this heritability but full interaction analyses are currently highly computationally burdensome or infeasible. For this reason this study investigates an ant colony optimisation (ACO) approach for its ability to identify common gene variants associated with type 2 diabetes, including putative epistatic interactions. This study uses a dataset comprising 15,309 common (>5% minor allele frequency) SNPs from chromosome 16, genotyped in 1924 type 2 diabetes cases and 2938 controls. This chromosome contains two previously determined associations, one of which is replicated in additional samples. Although no epistatic interactions have been previously reported on this dataset, we demonstrate that ACO can be used to discover single SNP and plausible epistatic associations from this dataset and is shown to be both accurate and computationally tractable on large, real datasets of SNPs with no expert knowledge included in the algorithm.  相似文献   
提出一种柔性制造系统(FMS)的故障诊断和可用性评价方法;针对传统的随机Petri网在解决FMS故障诊断上极大受限于底层马尔科夫链规模而容易产生状态爆炸的问题,首先,将蚁群优化算法(ACO)融入随机有色网(SPN)中,提出并定义了一种能对柔性制造系统的故障进行诊断的诊断器;然后,通过马尔科夫链计算制造单元的可用性,得到FMS到诊断器的映射,从而可以得到FMS中所有可能生产过程;最后,在经典FMS可用性评价方法的基础上,引入覆盖因子,提出了一种新的对FMS生产过程进行可用性评价的方法;仿真实验显示了覆盖因子对系统可用性的影响,通过与传统方法进行比较,表明覆盖因子越大,FMS的可用性越高。  相似文献   
This paper describes the application of an ant colony optimisation (ACO) algorithm to the multiple objective optimisation of a rail vehicle floor sandwich panel. The ACO algorithm was used to search a design space that was defined by sandwich theory and a material database in order to identify constructions that were optimal with respect to low mass and low cost. A broad range of mass and cost optimal sandwich material designs were identified successfully. These provided mass savings of up to 60% compared to existing plywood-based flooring systems, although mass savings above 40% had an associated cost premium.  相似文献   
In this work we present two new multiobjective proposals based on ant colony optimisation and random greedy search algorithms to solve a more realistic extension of a classical industrial problem: time and space assembly line balancing. Some variants of these algorithms have been compared in order to find out the impact of different design configurations and the use of heuristic information. Good performance is shown after applying every algorithm to 10 well-known problem instances in comparison to NSGA-II. In addition, those algorithms which have provided the best results have been employed to tackle a real-world problem at the Nissan plant, located in Spain.  相似文献   
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