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Bulk and interior packing densities of random close packing of hard spheres   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2  
The packing densities of random close packing of equal hard spheres (RCPHS) are studied. The RCPHS is generated by a rearrangement algorithm with an optimization subroutine. Traditionally defined packing density, bulk density, is found to be 0.635 ± 0.002 by extrapolation to infinite number of spheres. We propose that there exist a characteristic packing density without boundary effects. This interior packing density is calculated by two methods, resulting in values without statically significant difference. Interior packing density deduced from Voronoi diagram is 0.6690 ± 0.0006. Local packing density for each sphere is defined as ratio of its volume to volume of its corresponding Voronoi cell and is sensitive to sphere's local configuration and overlapping.  相似文献   
Commercial explosives are complex mixtures that contain not only the active explosive agent(s) but also a host of other organic and inorganic compounds. The ultrahigh mass resolving power (m/delta m50% >200,000) and mass accuracy (<1 ppm) of electrospray ionization Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance (ESI FTICR) mass spectrometry allow for definitive identification of various species in TNT, RDX, and HMX. We are thereby able to correct prior misassignments of the elemental compositions of the most abundant negative ions from electrospray of RDX and HMX. Although the (known) active agents of many explosives may be identified by low-resolution MS or MS/MS, it is the other characteristic components (indigenous or artificial additives) whose presence and elemental composition can potentially identify the source of the product. ESI FTICR mass spectrometry of smokeless powder, TNT, and Powermite resolves and identifies numerous nonactive ingredients, many of which are recovered in a postblast residue. In contrast, the residue recovered from an explosion of military C4 yielded several species derived from RDX but virtually none from other ingredients.  相似文献   
我国信息化标准体系建设的思考   总被引:8,自引:0,他引:8  
从多个视角研究探讨了我国信息化标准体系框架,同时提出了加快我国信息化标准体系建设的相关建议。  相似文献   
《中文办公软件文档格式规范》的多语种支持解决途径   总被引:1,自引:1,他引:0  
《中文办公软件文档格式规范》采用XML Schema描述了办公软件文档的结构,围绕这一标准论述了XML应用对多语种支持的现实需要,以及实现多语种支持的方法。提出一种基于XML标识符属性的多语种转换方法,并详细介绍了实现原理和转换步骤。  相似文献   
报道了一种用电子束曝光的方法在绝缘体上硅的脊状光波导上制做布拉格光栅的技术.考虑到实际的光子学集成的应用,讨论了这个带有布拉格光栅的脊状光波导的优化设计,给出了该布拉格光栅的测试和理论模拟结果.通过薄化绝缘体上硅的波导层的厚度和光栅的深腐蚀加工,获得了高达30cm-1的光栅耦合系数.  相似文献   
主动气动弹性机翼的颤振主动抑制与阵风减缓研究   总被引:7,自引:0,他引:7  
吴志刚  杨超 《机械强度》2003,25(1):32-35,38
多输入/多输出系统的颤振主动抑制与阵风减缓是主动气动弹性机翼技术的重要研究方面。以一个带有两个后缘控制面的三角机翼风洞模型为研究对象,采用LQG/奇异值控制理论设计颤振主动抑制与阵风减缓的鲁棒控制律,对组成的闭环系统进行控制仿真。并从闭环稳定特性、阵风响应减缓效果、作动器功率需求和控制律的降阶四个方面提出评估指标,对闭环系统进行工程特性评估。结果表明,设计所得到的控制律能应用于工程实践。  相似文献   
广义卡尔曼-布西滤波算法识别系统参数   总被引:3,自引:1,他引:2       下载免费PDF全文
根据结构力学与卡尔曼滤波相模拟的理论,构造了一种新的用于连续系统参数识别的广义卡尔曼—布西滤波计算格式.该算法运用了结构力学中的串联子结构拼装方法,在每一步子结构拼装的同时嵌入对系统状态和参数的估计以实现系统参数的识别,可以离线计算的数据都通过精细积分算法预先获得。  相似文献   
Ultrahigh-resolution electrospray ionization Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry has resolved and identified the elemental compositions of over 10000 organic constituents of coal and petroleum crude oil. A plot of Kendrick mass defect versus Kendrick nominal mass sorts compounds into homologous series according to compound class (i.e., numbers of N, O, and S heteroatoms), type (number of rings plus double bonds), and degree of alkylation (number of CH(2) groups), to yield unique elemental assignments from ultrahigh-resolution mass measurements in the 200-900 Da range. Interpretation of such a vast compilation requires a simple (preferably graphical) means to differentiate between complex organic mixtures of different origin or processing. In an extension of the recently revived van Krevelen plot, each elemental composition is projected onto two or three axes according to its H/C, O/C, and/or N/C atomic ratios. The H/C ratio separates compounds according to degree of saturation, whereas O/C or N/C ratios separate according to O and N classes. We show that the three-dimensional van Krevelen diagram can completely separate different classes in pyridine-extracted coal or petroleum samples and can also graphically distinguish fossil fuels according to their nature (coal vs petroleum), maturation (coals of different rank), and processing (the same coal at two stages of liquefaction). The van Krevelen diagram thus appears well suited to amplifying and exposing compositional differences within and between complex organic mixtures.  相似文献   
按照结构力学与最优控制的模拟理论, H 状态反馈控制系统的最优H 范数γop 可以通过求广义Rayleigh商的最小本征值得到. 利用精细积分法和扩展的Wittrick_Williams(W_W )方法, 可以求解有限时间H 状态反馈控制的Riccati微分方程, 并确定其最优H 范数γop, 实现控制系统的设计. 在此基础上, 闭环H 控制系统状态方程的解也可以由精细积分法计算, 虽然  相似文献   
电力系统特征值与状态变量对应关系分析   总被引:8,自引:3,他引:5       下载免费PDF全文
电力系统中特征值与状态变量之间的对应关系的分析对研究系统的详细动态特性具有十分重要的意义。文中首先对研究系统稳定问题的小扰动方法进行了分析,认为非线性动力系统的代数方程约束和各状态量之间的耦合关系是造成系统动态特性十分复杂的重要原因,进而利用同伦函数的概念给出了一种确定线性化系统中特征值与状态变量对应关系的方法。用此方法对简单电力系统做了分析,得出了令人满意的结果。  相似文献   
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